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This course is taught by Rebecca Motto. She is the co-founder of The Awakening Collective and is passionate about the power of the Divine Feminine. A year ago, she went on a journey to rediscover the divine feminine energy in herself and the world. Through this journey, she discovered the magic of the goddesses that have been suppressed for centuries, but are definitely making a comeback in the women who are listening.

Discovering Your Divinity

Launching July 11th, 2021

In this course, we will explore four lessons that will change the way that you view yourself and the world. This is the course for a person who wants to feel more powerful, sexy, and divine in the world. Bring your sense of humor, an open mind, and an expectation for magic to start occurring in your life!

The Lessons

  • How to Solve all The World's Problems
  • Lessons from Courtesans
  • The Death of Grind Culture
  • Becoming a Magician

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