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This course is co-taught by Rebecca Motto and Margaret Chen. They used these manifestation techniques to discover their own passions and purpose. In less than a year, they left their day jobs and were running their dream business, The Awakening Collective, full time.

In this course, they combine teaching, journal exercises, and energy work to help you tune into what your heart truly wants. This course is made for the knowledge seeker who is ready to do the inner work and see big shifts occur in their life.

Manifestation Station

Launching July 11th, 2021

This course is an intensive journey for the seeker who is ready to create a masterpiece of a life for themself. This is not about manifesting things, but rather manifesting from the heart and the soul. When we find our purpose and power, we automatically manifest more abundance as a by-product of being on the right path for ourselves.

This is a course for our advanced students. Those that are not afraid of shadow work and are ready to see big shifts occur. Expect more miracles, synchronicities, and surprises from the universe after taking this course

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Take Your Power Back

Lesson 2: Life Visioning

Lesson 3: Clearing Abundance Blocks

Lesson 4: Surrender

Lesson 5: Follow the Breadcrumbs

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